Dalgety Square Building History

History of “Dalgety Square”, formerly known as the “Farmers and Graziers” Woolshed

In 1883 Goldsborough and Company built the first wool store in Pyrmont Street, setting the pattern for the 19 wool stores which were to follow.


The first two storeys of the “Dalgety” wool store were built in 1895, were known as the John Bridge Wool Store, and were designed by the architect Harry C Kent, to be used for bail handling.


Around 1917, the firm went into liquidation and was taken over by the Farmers and Graziers Co-operation in 1919. They added a further three storeys including the distinctive circular corner towers, again designed by Kent’s firm, creating the largest single wool store in the Ultimo/Pyrmont area.


In 1924, the two upper floors were constructed, incorporating reinforced concrete bands into the facades. The wool store exterior as it appears today is virtually as it was at this time. The building is typical of its era and notable for the quality of its external brickwork and detailing.


Farmers and Graziers amalgamated with Dalgety in 1982/3 and continued to use the Ultimo woolshed until 1991.


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